Delhi Belly or traveller’s diarrhea was a common phrase during the 2010 Common Wealth Games in New Delhi India. Many athletes complained about having upset stomachs throughout the games and Delhi Belly stuck out as the colloquial term for the games. Going back to all the different times I’ve been to India all those times suffering from Delhi Belly would end up being worst than any previous bout. I remember reading a statistic from the UN where 70% of the water is affected by pollutants and somewhere like 3 Million people die each year from water.

Since 1997 Kidney failure has affected my family in India. The family members who lived in poor areas were affected in epidemically. I want to say 4 family members out of 10 were diagnosed. Many were lucky to get treated and found donors others were not so lucky. Every year we hear about relatives, friends, and extended family members getting water borne diseases. This is a continual problem and it seems be worsening for those in India. Not just in India but in all the developing nations and third world countries.