*New Filters will be Available from August 2014

Max Op Temp. Min Op Temp. Max.Working Pressure Min.Working Pressure Rated Capacity VOC Rated Capacity CTO Flow Rate
38c/100f 0.6c/33f 689kPa/100psi 140kPa/20psi 757.08litres/200 gallons 9,463.53litres/ 2500 gallons 1.9lpm/0.5gpm
All our filter comes with
Lead Reductions, Cyst Reductions, Chlorine taste and odor reduction, Turbidity reduction, Asbestos reduction, Atrazine reduction, Alachlor Reduction, Lindane reduction, 2,4-D Reduction, Mercury, Toxaphene reduction, p-dichlorabenzene reduction, benzene reducing — up to 95%