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Everpure EV9692-31

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Swift Green will deliver fresh, clean, and great tasting water and ice cubes. Designed with technology using recycled coconut shells that create an internal carbon filter with up to 50% more filtering pores. The result is safe and clean drinking water that has eliminated contaminants and impurities that may have been present.

The Swift Green Filters SGF-96-27 VOC-S-B commercial water filter is a compatible Everpure replacement providing fresh, clean, and great tasting drinking water. This high quality filter reduces: - volatile organic compounds - chlorine taste and odor - cyst - sediment, dirt and rust - scale - bacteriostatic - cartridge : 4FC-S. Our filters are made with activated carbon produced using a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells. Coconut carbon is superior to other sources of activated carbon. It has 50% more micro-pores for capturing contaminants. For more information please visit the Swift Green Filters website. Change filter frequency: every 4-6 months Made in USA From the Manufacturer: We offer a variety of filters that are compatible with all leading brands. Swift Green Filters are the Green alternative to the conventional filter, our products being environmentally conscious while cost effective. We aim to provide you with the cleanest and healthiest water filtration for your home and business by making sure the materials we use are to the highest quality standard.

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