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swift green filters


OEM REPLACES Culligan , Kenmore/Sears , GE Models:

FXRT , 9905 Water Filter , 469905 Water Filter , 04609905000 Water Filter , ZISW42DCB , ZISS48NCBSS , ZISS42NCBSS , ZISS36NCBSS , ZISB48DCB , ZISB36DCB , ZIS42NCB , ZISW42DCA , ZISS48NCASS , ZISS42NCASS , ZISS36NCASS , ZISB48DCA , ZISB36DCA , ZIS42NCA , ZISW48DCB , ZISW36DCB , ZISS48DCBSS , ZISS42DCBSS , ZISS36DCBSS , ZISB42DCB , ZIS48NCB , ZIS36NCB , ZISW48DCA , ZISW36DCA , ZISS48DCASS , ZISS42DCASS , ZISS36DCASS , ZISB42DCA , ZIS48NCA , ZIS36NCA , PS220814 , GXRC , FXRC1 , 9905P , 46-9905 , FXRC , WR97X10006 Water Filter , MWF with Adapter , Hotpoint HXRT Water Filter , MXRC

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Swift Green Filters will deliver fresh, clean, and great tasting water and ice cubes. Designed with technology using recycled coconut shells that create an internal carbon filter with up to 50% more filtering pores. The result is safe and clean drinking water that has eliminated contaminants and impurities that may have been present.

The GE Smart water FXRC, MXRC, FXRT, WF287 and 469905 most compatible best in class and technology replacement refrigerator water filter by Internationally Certified Swift Green Filter SGF-MXRC. This brand new made in USA refrigerator water filter is developed by highly educated engineers and renowned P.HD scholars. It reduces Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Chlorine Taste & Odor (CTO), Lead and Cysts etc. Using Swift Green Filter's Innovative green technology and clinically tested and certified raw materials that carbonize dried coconut shells to provide 50% more access to micropores for capturing contaminants, Swift Green Filters brings to you scientifically proven quality at the most affordable price range. Request Today! For more information, please visit the Swift Green Filters website. Change filter frequency: every 4-6 months.

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