Swift Green Filters is the “One Stop Shop”

Our current line of 26 filters replaces majority of the major brands.

Why Choose Us…

Our company’s entire focus is on human well-being and the environment.

Other Filters:

  • Expensive – regular refrigerator water filters can be expensive. On average a regular refrigerator water filter can cost you anywhere from $50 – $150 and still not be effective at blocking harmful impurities.
  • Lack of filtration – the water is often filtered using a basic carbon filter. These filters are designed only to remove a limited amount of contaminants such as chlorine from your water in order to make it taste better. This leaves you vulnerable to chemicals and pollutants that have been found in tap water supplies including bacteria, sulfur, pesticides, nitrates, arsenic, pharmaceutical drugs, and herbicides.
  • Mold – Expired water filters and as well as filters which go unused for weeks are a breeding ground for mold. Contaminants can literally rot inside the filter. Ingestion of water which has been run through a moldy filter can cause headaches, runny nose, sinus problems, skin rash, diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Conventional carbon filters release pollution and emit greenhouse gasses into the air during production.


Swift Green Filters:

  • The activated carbon is produced with a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells in an enclosed self-sustaining system, while capturing and converting the emissions into useful thermal energy.
  • Higher performing binders
  • Swift Green Filters is committed to using materials that are NSF/ANSI ST 42 by WQA.
  • Swift Green Filters prides itself on being a “True” green water filtration company.
  • All components of our filters are 100% recyclable and we encourage you to send us your used filters for recycling.
  • Cost Effective and affordable
  • Swift Green Filters has the complete line of filters and our filters replace a majority of the major brands.
  • Our filters are made in Canada and the U.S.A. Other filters are made offshore with harmful materials that have been proven to be detrimental to your wellbeing.
  • Swift Green Filters are available all around the world and we currently have 2 Locations. (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and Manning, South Carolina, U.S.A.)
  • Family owned business that makes a strong effort to support our local community and hire locally.
  • At Swift Green Filters we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our competitors and guarantee 100% satisfaction.


All our filters are NSF42 standard by WQA Gold Seal.

Swift Comparison

Swift Green Filters  Other Major Brands
Certified to NSF/ANSI 42 by WQA Yes Yes
Coconut Carbon Yes No
Higher performing binders Yes No
Last up to 6 months Yes No
Green product Yes No
Affordable prices Yes No