*New Filters will be Available from August 2014 Max Op Temp. Min Op Temp. Max.Working Pressure Min.Working Pressure Rated Capacity VOC Rated Capacity CTO Flow Rate 38c/100f 0.6c/33f 689kPa/100psi 140kPa/20psi 757.08litres/200 gallons 9,463.53litres/ 2500 gallons 1.9lpm/0.5gpm All our filter comes with Lead Reductions, Cyst Reductions, Chlorine taste and odor reduction, Turbidity reduction, Asbestos reduction, Atrazine… Read more »

Water and Me Part III   Having any type of illness in a foreign land can be an ordeal. Doctors in their white coats are miracle workers. Sometimes the littlest illness can dampen your spirits and you feel at ease when you’re cured. In 2007 I had taken a semester off and gone to India… Read more »

Delhi Belly or traveller’s diarrhea was a common phrase during the 2010 Common Wealth Games in New Delhi India. Many athletes complained about having upset stomachs throughout the games and Delhi Belly stuck out as the colloquial term for the games. Going back to all the different times I’ve been to India all those times… Read more »

My parents had immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in the 80’s from India. Water to us here in Vancouver is an abundant resource. Its everywhere. We interact with the water in our eco system, natural sources or even man made. We, as children, remember taking our first swimming lessons. I remember mine clearly. The chlorine was… Read more »