Swift Green Filters

We are committed to making products that offer consumers a healthy, cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to their filtration needs
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Who we are…


Swift Green Filters started in 2009 as a thought. A long thorough thought that took extensive research and planning that became a mission: to change the way we use refrigerator water filters and to reduce our carbon footprint by replacement with green filters. We achieved that mission and found a solution in 2010 by completing designs on two refrigerator filter models, SGF-F1 and SGF-F2.


Today we are the leading company in green water filtration products and the first company in the water filter industry to establish a green filter product line. With an executive team that has over 25 years of experience in engineering, production, sales and marketing, we are committed to making products that offer our consumers a healthy, cost effective and Eco-friendly alternative to their water filtration needs.

The company has a current base of more than 1 million consumers with presence in Canada and USA and 18,000 dealers in those locations. It also has a global footprint across different countries.

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